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About me


Hi! This is Ashley Wu. I graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University, with a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics & TESOL. I have completed my undergraduate study at the University of Toronto, majoring in Linguistics and Cognitive Science, with a minor in Psychology. 

My passion for education was ignited during my undergrad study. I was fascinated by the complexity of the human mind, and I developed a deep interest in understanding how individuals acquire skills and knowledge. 

This curiosity has driven me to pursue further study. Throughout my academic journey at Teachers College, I have cultivated skills in curriculum development and pedagogical practice, enabling me to create engaging and interactive learning experience. 

Now, I am a Curriculum Developer and Bilingual Teacher, offering English and Chinese lessons. Feel free to check it out and leave feedback. You can directly chat with me on this website, or contact me via email at I will be happy to hear from you.

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